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Hello, and welcome to the DanSoft Australia home page! Some people like to say that good free stuff doesn't exist anymore. Well, here at DanSoft Australia, we have high-quality software at a price that can't be beat: free! Please have a look around and tell me what you think! If you've got an idea you think we can use, feel free to contact me using the contact form on the 'About Us' page. I will try and reply to every message I get.

If you need support with any DanSoft Australia product, feel free to use the 'Support / Help' link above to go to our support system.

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Our Products:

Windows Products

«Userbar Generator 0.9 BETA» (last updated 27/05/2006)
«X-ROM Frontend 0.5» (last updated 14/08/2005)
«Daniel's Catalog 1.0» (last updated 02/04/2005)
«DanDirectory 2.2» (last updated 17/12/2004)

Discontinued Windows Products

These programs are discontinued, and therefore no longer supported by me.
«DanProgrammer 3.1» (last updated 24/09/2004)
«PostScript Converter 0.1» (last updated 18/09/2004)
«DanZIP 1.0» (last updated 10/10/2003)
«DanTemplates 0.1» (last updated 13/03/2004)

PHP Scripts

«DanPHPSupport 1.0» (last updated 14/10/2006)
«NDEPHP» (last updated 20/02/2009) See below for SMF mods.

SMF Mods

«Gravatar» (last updated 1/07/2007)
«SMFBlog» (last updated 11/05/2007)
«FlashChat Integration» (last updated 6/05/2007)
«SMFShop 3.0» (last updated 18/01/2007)

«Akismet Spam Protection» (last updated 29/12/2006)
«CAPTCHA» (last updated 28/04/2006)
«Display Additional Membergroups on Profile» (last updated 10/01/2007)
«Display Age and Location next to posts» (last updated 23/01/2007)
«Enhanced Calendar» (last updated 30/01/2007)
«Increase/Decrease Postbox Size» (last updated 30/01/2007)
«Monthly Statistics on Profile» (last updated 29/01/2007)
«Show Number of Errors at Top of Forum» (last updated 28/01/2007)
«ssi_boardNews Multiple Boards» (last updated 09/04/2007)
«SSI Topic and Replies» (last updated 07/04/2007)
«Updated Registration Agreement» (last updated 14/03/2007)


2010-02-13 19:36:18 - dev.dansoftaustralia.net finally retired
Category: General
dev.dansoftaustralia.net has finally been retired. Old content (downloads and SVN) has been moved elsewhere, and the site has been shut down.
2009-02-20 20:35:53 - NDEPHP released - Nullsoft Database Engine / Winamp Media Library for PHP
Category: Code

Hey everyone,
Yesterday I released NDEPHP. NDEPHP is basically an implementation of the Nullsoft Database Engine in PHP. This is what Winamp uses for its Media Library, among other things. The NDEPHP library will allow you to read Winamp's Media Library in PHP. Please see The NDEPHP Google Code project for more details.

— Daniel

2007-12-03 14:03:38 - Userbar Generator 0.9 source code released
Category: Code

Today, I finally released the source code for my Userbar Generator. It is written in Visual Basic 2005 and hence requires either Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Basic 2005 Express (the latter being free).

It may be found at http://dev.dansoftaustralia.net/projects/userbargen/. If you make any significant changes, please feel free to contribute. :)

2007-06-06 15:31:33 - Spam coming from dansoftaustralia.net addresses?
Category: General
Recently, several users have reported spam messages coming from a dansoftaustralia.net address. Note that I never send any spam messages, and the From address is fake (spammers often use spoofed email addresses in the "From" field). If you are getting spam messages, the best thing to do is to just delete them.

Thanks for understanding!
2007-05-11 22:19:13 - SMFBlog Beta now available
Category: SMF Mods
A beta of SMFBlog is now available! SMFBlog is an extremely simple blog system, based off SMF (it's a mod to SMF). Certain boards can be marked as "Blog Boards", and topics in these boards are considered blog posts. Please try it out (see http://custom.simplemachines.org/mods/index.php?mod=793) and tell me what you think so far!

Note that this is still in beta, so a few small bugs are expected...
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