The following PHP scripts are available:
«DanPHPSupport 1.0» (last updated 14/10/2006)
«NDEPHP» (last updated 20/02/2009) See below for SMF mods.

The following SMF mods are available:
«Gravatar» (last updated 1/07/2007)
«SMFBlog» (last updated 11/05/2007)
«FlashChat Integration» (last updated 6/05/2007)
«SMFShop 3.0» (last updated 18/01/2007)

«Akismet Spam Protection» (last updated 29/12/2006)
«CAPTCHA» (last updated 28/04/2006)
«Display Additional Membergroups on Profile» (last updated 10/01/2007)
«Display Age and Location next to posts» (last updated 23/01/2007)
«Enhanced Calendar» (last updated 30/01/2007)
«Increase/Decrease Postbox Size» (last updated 30/01/2007)
«Monthly Statistics on Profile» (last updated 29/01/2007)
«Show Number of Errors at Top of Forum» (last updated 28/01/2007)
«ssi_boardNews Multiple Boards» (last updated 09/04/2007)
«SSI Topic and Replies» (last updated 07/04/2007)
«Updated Registration Agreement» (last updated 14/03/2007)

The following Windows products are available (I don't usually update these):
«Userbar Generator 0.9 BETA» (last updated 27/05/2006)
«X-ROM Frontend 0.5» (last updated 14/08/2005)
«Daniel's Catalog 1.0» (last updated 02/04/2005)
«DanDirectory 2.2» (last updated 17/12/2004)

All the following Windows products are discontinued, and therefore are not updated anymore:
«DanProgrammer 3.1» (last updated 24/09/2004)
«PostScript Converter 0.1» (last updated 18/09/2004)
«DanZIP 1.0» (last updated 10/10/2003)
«DanTemplates 0.1» (last updated 13/03/2004)