DanProgrammer 3.1

NOTE: Some people have reported problems with the EXE building functionality of DanProgrammer. A future version will fix all these problems. Stay tuned!

Are you tired of creating a script in Notepad, running it with WScript.exe and going back into Notepad to fix errors?

Introducing DanProgrammer. DanProgrammer is a development environment for VbScript that you can use to create simple applets and scripts. It features a simple debugger. Uses for DanProgrammer range from helpful applets and scripts to text-adventure games.

Also featured is an ActiveX object (DanProg object) that you can use to write to files, etc with DanProgrammer (see picture to the right)

NEW IN 2.1 is the ability to create dialog boxes and compile your scripts to EXE files (now more advanced).

NEW IN 3.0 is syntax highlighting, AutoComplete, ToolTips, user-definable macros and user-definable keyboard shortcuts!

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