About Us

DanSoft Australia is basically me, Daniel Lo Nigro. I have been producing software since 1998. I live in Australia and currently go to high-school.

If you have ideas for new software that DanSoft Australia should produce, or have suggestions for improving our current software, please contact me!


E-Mail: Please see below
MSN: msn@danieZ15.com (replace Zs with Ls, for spam protection purposes)

Special thanks to:

  • CWH Networks - For providing professional web hosting services
  • DomainSite - For providing good, cheap domain name registration services
  • Smarty - For the templating framework used on this site
  • Simple Machines Forum - For writing the best forum script there ever was!
  • phpDig - For the PHP-based search script used on our website

Some cool sites to go to:

  • Daniel15.com - One of my other sites. My blog, and SMFShop support forum
  • CWH Networks - Without them, this site wouldn't have professional, reliable hosting!
  • Planet Source Code - The most popular Visual Basic source code site. Monthly coding competition - Most popular code wins a prize!
  • The Web Archive - Find out what a site looked like in the past, all the way back to 1996!
  • World of Game MODS - Find the music for your favourite games here, in MOD format (Impulse Tracker / Fast Tracker)
  • Telephone Systems - Australia's resource for telephone systems.
  • Milan Industries - Software development and I.T. outsourcing.


Because of recent problems, the bug tracker and support site are both down. Please go to my forum (at Daniel15.com) for SMFShop support.

Otherwise, if you would like to send us an email, please send it to our dansoft@ address