DanTemplates 0.1

NOTE: DanTemplates is no longer used, or updated! Site Manager is a PHP script that does the same thing, but it is much more powerful.
DanTemplate is a simple program that you can use to manage the templates you use on your website!

You can define 'sections' which are changeable parts of the template, and then create a document using your chosen template!

DanTemplate has some pretty good features, but we've held back the file size at ONLY 59.4 KB!. The file size and features make DanTemplate worth downloading!
NOTE: THIS PROGRAM HAS NO INSTALLATION - JUST UNZIP. If you still don't understand how to use DanTemplates even after reading this, it comes with a readme file which explains how to create a template in detail. It is available as a seperate download from the downloads page.

» Download this program (72 KB)
» Download DanTemplates Readme file (2 KB, comes with DanTemplates)

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