SMF Mods

Welcome to my SMF Mods page! This page will contain all the MODS I make for Simple Machines forum (
If you'd like to discuss any of these MODs, please see my forums at Support is also available through the usual methods (bug tracker, and support ticket system).

Main (larger) mods

SMFShop 3.0
FlashChat Integration
SMF-Akismet 1.1

Other mods

Display Additional Membergroups on Profile

This mod will display all of a user's additional membergroup on their profile.

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Display Age and Location next to posts

Screenshot This mod will display a member's Location and Age next to their posts

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Enhanced Calendar

This mod will enhance the display of your calendar. This mod is based on code from JayBachatero.

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Increase/Decrease Postbox Size

Screenshot This mod will add - and + buttons to the bottom of the postbox, to increase or decrease the size. This affects the New Topic and Reply pages, as well as the Quick Reply box. Also, a new setting will be added to the "Posts and Topics" section of the admin panel, which will allow you to change the amount of rows the buttons add/remove.

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Monthly Statistics on Profile

This mod will add a Posting Activity By Month section to the "General Statistics" page of a member's profile. I'll eventually turn this into a more advanced stats mod, but for now, it's just monthly stats. You may see a live demo of this on my forum, at

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Show Number of Errors at Top of Forum

Screenshot This mod will show the number of errors in your error log, as well as the number of errors on the current page at the top of the forum. The 'debug' link will reload the page with debugging temporarily enabled (it will output all errors directly to the page, and also show some information at the bottom of the page). This will allow you to see what's causing the errors.

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ssi_boardNews Multiple Boards

This mod will modify ssi_boardNews so that multiple board IDs can be passed to it as an array. This allows you to get news from more than one board. Please see the SMF mods site for full details

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SSI Topic and Replies

This mod adds a new SSI function that allows you to grab a topic and its replies. Once it is installed, an example of its use can be found on the ssi_examples.php page. Please see the SMF mods site for full details

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Updated Registration Agreement

Whenever the registration agreement is updated (in the admin panel, under "Registration"), this mod will force users to accept the terms of the new agreement. The user won't be allowed to access the forum until they've agreed to it.

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