FlashChat Integration

Download it from the SMF mods site!

This mod will seamlessly integrate FlashChat into your SMF installation. It adds a 'Chat' link to the top menu, and users that are logged in to the chat appear under Users Online as "Users currently in chat" (and optionally at the top of the forum). This mod also fixes a small bug in FlashChat.

The main chat window (click for larger view):
Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

"Users Online" display:
Screenshot 3


You must have already purchased and installed FlashChat into the chat directory (as per the instructions for integrating with SMF), and it must be working. Also note that you do not need to edit the Themes/default/index.template.php file to add a button (like the instructions say to), as this mod does that automatically.
FlashChat can be purchased from http://www.tufat.com/s_flash_chat_chatroom.htm


Support for this mod is given in my forum.
Note that I do not provide support for FlashChat, that is up to http://www.tufat.com/! I just provide support for this mod.

Theme Changes

Please see http://www.daniel15.com/forum/index.php/topic,856.html for the theme changes required to support this mod.


1.0 (Final)

  • Several new features:
    • Option to open chat in new window.
    • Option to show chat seperate from forum (full-page), like standard FlashChat.
    • Option to show users in chat at top of forum.
    • Option to show number of users in chat on chat button (eg. "Chat [2 Users]").
    • A few very minor bugs (including the "logout bug") fixed

0.1 Beta

- Initial release (beta!)

Download it from the SMF mods site!