X-ROM Frontend 0.5

If you have an X-ROM (GameBoy Advance Flash Cartridge), then this program is for you. It is a frontend to the X-ROM Utilities (USBCABLE.EXE, MRTOOL.EXE and SRAM.EXE). This allows you to write games to your X-ROM cartridge, much quicker than any other Flashing program available (writing to the whole 512Mb cartridge takes about 7 minutes, much quicker than any other cartridge on the market)

Shown to the right is the 'MultiROM Builder' (new in 0.4). This makes it easy to create a MultiROM, even for beginners!

Also included is a detailed help file with step-by-step instructions on how to set-up and use the X-ROM Cartridge, as well as FAQ's.

There is an in-built NES to GBA converter, and NEW IN 0.5 is a Sega Master System to GBA converter!

» Download this program (657 KB)

X-ROM Frontend picture :-)
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