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2010-02-13 19:36:18 - finally retired
Category: General has finally been retired. Old content (downloads and SVN) has been moved elsewhere, and the site has been shut down.
2009-02-20 20:35:53 - NDEPHP released - Nullsoft Database Engine / Winamp Media Library for PHP
Category: Code

Hey everyone,
Yesterday I released NDEPHP. NDEPHP is basically an implementation of the Nullsoft Database Engine in PHP. This is what Winamp uses for its Media Library, among other things. The NDEPHP library will allow you to read Winamp's Media Library in PHP. Please see The NDEPHP Google Code project for more details.

— Daniel

2007-12-03 14:03:38 - Userbar Generator 0.9 source code released
Category: Code

Today, I finally released the source code for my Userbar Generator. It is written in Visual Basic 2005 and hence requires either Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Basic 2005 Express (the latter being free).

It may be found at If you make any significant changes, please feel free to contribute. :)

2007-06-06 15:31:33 - Spam coming from addresses?
Category: General
Recently, several users have reported spam messages coming from a address. Note that I never send any spam messages, and the From address is fake (spammers often use spoofed email addresses in the "From" field). If you are getting spam messages, the best thing to do is to just delete them.

Thanks for understanding!
2007-05-11 22:19:13 - SMFBlog Beta now available
Category: SMF Mods
A beta of SMFBlog is now available! SMFBlog is an extremely simple blog system, based off SMF (it's a mod to SMF). Certain boards can be marked as "Blog Boards", and topics in these boards are considered blog posts. Please try it out (see and tell me what you think so far!

Note that this is still in beta, so a few small bugs are expected...
2007-04-11 21:54:30 - Site redesigned
Category: General
This site now has a new design. The old design was getting rather old, and had really bad coding. This new one is XHTML 1.0 valid, and styled completely via CSS. Eventually, I'll fix up all parts of this site, but for now, most pages have not changed. There may be minor problems around the site... If you find a problem, please email me :)

I'd like to thank StyleShout for the excellent design!
2007-03-30 20:58:29 - DanSoft Australia Development Site now up!
Category: Development site
I'm proud to announce that the DanSoft Australia development site is now up (after a small beta period), at! The site is basically a system, giving each user a powerful yet easy-to-use hosting platform for all their project's data. It is mainly aimed at collaboration between users (a group of users could all work on the one item, for instance), although any developer can benefit from it.

Anyone may sign up, and registering your project gives you access to these main features:
  • Subversion (SVN) access
    Easily manage your project's source code
  • File Release System
    An easy-to-use system to store all your project's releases. Each project may have more than one "package", and each package may have any number of files.
  • News Announcements
    Any news relating to your project may be posted to its homepage. Selected news articles will appear on the and homepages.
  • Website hosting (including PHP)
    Each project gets its own homepage at [project name] For security reasons, you'll need to contact me if you want access to the website hosting. The websites are created after you register, but I have to give you the server access details.
  • Task management (TODO list)
    Keep track of what you need to do
  • Issue/Bug Tracking
    Easily track bugs in your project
  • Documentation Management
    A simple documentation management system, to upload any relevant documentation
  • Mailing lists (may not be operational at the moment)

Probably the most useful feature is Subversion - It's a very easy-to-use SCM (Source Code Management) system, and allows multiple developers to work on the same code simultaneously (although it's also useful for single developers - I use it for the SMFShop code). Speaking of this, note that for anyone using the SVN version of SMFShop, it has moved to Also, the development snapshots and statistics have moved to I hope you enjoy it!
2007-02-24 19:18:15 - Site converted to CMS Made Simple
Category: General

I've finally removed my old site engine (it was getting old, and I never actually finished it). This site is now powered using CMS Made Simple. If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact me.
Thanks to kermit for reporting a problem viewing this site in Firefox, this has been fixed now :)

Also, I have worked on several SMF Mods over the past few months, and now have 10 different mods available. Please see;author=9547 for the complete list of my mods (I'll update this site soon).

2007-01-18 22:00:00 - SMFShop 3.0 released!
Category: News from old site
SMFShop 3.0 is now out, and you may download it from the SMFShop page on this site. I was aiming at cleaning up the code for this release, and it now complies with the SMF Coding Guidelines.
- Lots of code cleanup
- Category support: You can now categorise your items
- Permissions: You can disable access to the shop for certain membergroups
- Bonuses per character and word: Give bonuses to a user depending on the number of characters or words in their post
- Bank deposit/withdrawl fees
- Option to not delete item after use: Great for items you'd like members to keep
- When editing an item, you can now edit the item_info (custom info entered when adding the item)

- Several minor formatting changes
- Fixed problem with SMF 1.1's "Find Members" popup
- Bold the current section on the left menu
- In "10 Richest Members" list, have links to their profiles
- When sending an item to someone, show an error if they don't exist
- Allow floating point values for interest
- And several other (minor things)... See the full changelog at
2006-12-29 18:27:00 - SMF Akismet MOD 1.1 released!
Category: News from old site
Version 1.1 of the Akismet mod is now out! The main change in this release is that if the Akismet server is inaccessible, the post will be marked as non-spam, and a note will be written to the Error Log. The SMF Akismet Mod Downloads will be moved to the SMF Mods site.
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