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2005-08-06 16:19:00 - Moved to new server
Category: News from old site
We have successfully moved the DanSoft Australia website to new servers at Zeeblo Web Hosting. The main reason was that our account at ShotHost didn't give the site much bandwidth. Everything should be working OK, but if something doesn't work, then please tell me by using the Feedback form.
2005-07-09 19:13:00 - SMFShop 1.2 released!
Category: News from old site
Hi everyone!
SMFShop 1.2 is now out! This releases contains a number of new features, as well as fixing a number of bugs in SMFShop. You can finally have an image next to an item! Go to the Developers page to get it!
2005-07-05 14:19:00 - Working again!
Category: News from old site
Well, I seem to be lucky as my computer is working again! I'm just wondering how long it will last until it dies... Maybe a new computer is still a good thing to get.
2005-07-04 12:33:00 - More bad news
Category: News from old site
My computer has completely died so there won't be updates for at least a couple of weeks until I get a new computer... Hopefully it's newer than a Pentium 2 this time :-)

Bye for now,
2005-07-03 14:11:00 - Move of host
Category: News from old site
Well, WebPlanetHost has now collapsed completely. This caused a downtime of a couple of days. We have now moved to a new server at ShotHost and everything should be working OK. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by the downtime. Also, our domain will NOT work at the moment (only our .info and domains will).
2005-06-04 18:24:00 - Reminder about 'Remove Intro' option and BOMA
Category: News from old site
Please remember that if you BOMA patch a game, you CAN'T use the 'Remove Intro' MultiROM option on it! If you do, the game will freeze at startup! I just realised that X-ROM Frontend MultiROM Builder initially enables the 'Remove Intro' option. This is now fixed.

If you are using the BOMA patching, make sure that the 'Remove Intro' option is off.
2005-06-03 21:08:00 - Small problem with X-ROM Frontend download fixed!
Category: News from old site
Some people were having trouble with the unzip32.dll file that X-ROM Frontend needs. The problem was I didn't include this file in the X-ROM Frontend installer. This has now been fixed (I've updated the installer).

For anyone that download X-ROM Frontend before today, please make sure you have the latest version of unzip32.dll (The standard Info-ZIP UnZIP DLL). You can obtain this DLL from: (207KB)
2005-06-01 10:32:00 - My 15th birthday!
Category: News from old site
Happy birthday to me :) My 15th birthday today!
2005-05-28 19:10:00 - X-ROM Frontend 0.4 released, and Softpedia listings!
Category: News from old site
X-ROM Frontend 0.4 is now out! This version now has an easy-to-use MultiROM Builder (with automatic BOMA patching), so even a beginner can create MultiROMs. See the product page for the download. Also, DanDirectory, DanProgrammer and X-ROM Frontend are now listed at and have obtained a 100% clean award (no viruses, spyware or adware). I hope to have all my products listed there soon.
2005-05-21 22:14:00 - Website Changes
Category: News from old site
I've made a few changes to this website. The main one is that the DanSoft Australia website is no longer powered by Site Manager. Now, it's powered by a PHP Templating system called 'Smarty'. As well as that, some small changes have been made (you might not even notice them)
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