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2005-11-12 18:59:00 - Moved to new server
Category: News from old site
We've moved this website to a new server at Super FreeWEB. Roxr is planning to put ads on hosted sites, so I made the decision to move to a new host. Hopefully, everything is working fine. If you have any problems with the site, then please email me (dan15 [-at-]
2005-11-01 15:05:00 - New version of DanPHPSupport
Category: News from old site
DanPHPSupport 0.2 BETA is now out! This fixes a minor bug, and adds a lot more features. Please see the DanPHPSupport subsite for more information.
2005-10-30 20:54:00 - Some changes to this website.
Category: News from old site
Today, I made a few changes on this website. The changes I made include:
• Changed the front page layout. Some people were complaining that it was hard to find SMFShop, so now there are links to my PHP and Visual Basic scripts on the front page.
• Changed the URL format. Now, instead of the page name being like (for example), it will be like . Old links will still work.
• Times updated for Daylight Savings Time
• A few minor code changes to this site's code (you probably won't notice)
2005-09-28 15:14:00 - New product!
Category: News from old site
I'm proud to announce that a new product has been released! This product is called 'DanPHPSupport' and is a PHP-Based Support Ticket script. It's still in a beta stage, so some features haven't been implemented. It's hosted on it's own seperate SourceForge site, which is located at Please tell me what you think.
2005-09-24 19:58:00 - SMFShop 1.3 released!
Category: News from old site
SMFShop 1.3 has now been released! With the new release, you can now choose which forums members gain credits in. Also, administrators can now edit member's money in the bank (as well as in pocket). It is recommended that all users of SMFShop upgrade to version 1.3
2005-09-24 12:36:00 - Problem with website fixed!
Category: News from old site
The problem with our email server has now been fixed, so emails should now get to us. Also, we were having some problems with the MySQL databases for the search page as well as the support system. These have both been fixed, and should now work. Please send us an email if you have any further problems.
2005-09-19 20:06:00 - Some updates!
Category: News from old site
I've made a number of changes today. These include:
  • A new-look website! A new template is now implemented which I think looks a lot better than the old one. Please send all your comments, feedback, suggestions, etc. This was my first time using Adobe ImageReady.
  • The 'History of DanSoft Australia' page was finally updated with new information.
  • And much, much more (well, not really)
2005-09-17 18:31:00 - New support system implemented!
Category: News from old site
We have now implemented an online support ticket system. This will enable you to get support quicker and easier. Click Here to access the support system.
2005-09-03 16:31:00 - New domain name!
Category: News from old site
I've just bought a new domain for this site. The domain is The reason I did so was because the .info addresses are going to expire in about 2 weeks.
2005-08-14 15:25:00 - X-ROM Frontend 0.5 released!
Category: News from old site
X-ROM Frontend 0.5 is now out! This release features an in-built Sega Master System to GBA converter! Get it from the X-ROM Frontend product page.
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