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2006-12-13 23:30:00 - SMF Akismet MOD 1.0 released!
Category: News from old site
I'm proud to announce that the first non-beta release of the SMF Akismet MOD is now out! This version is only compatible with SMF 1.1 Final, and not any older versions. Also, if you were using the previous BETA version, you'll need to uninstall it before installing this version.
- Updated MOD files to comply with SMF standards
- Now parses BBCode in posts in the Akismet admin panel
- Added version information to admin section
- Now marks any posts with subject of 'akismet-test-123' as spam (for testing purposes)
- In Subs-Post.php, use $posterOptions and $msgOptions arrays rather than $_POST variables
- Moved 'Akismet Configuration' option from Configuration heading to Forum heading
- Moved position of Spam warning above the topic buttons
- Moved 'Flagged as spam' message next to subject, rather than under it

I recommend that everyone trying the Beta version upgrade to this new version.
2006-12-06 21:56:00 - SMFShop updated to support SMF 1.1
Category: News from old site
SMFShop has now been updated to support the newly-released SMF 1.1. An update for the Akismet MOD will be coming soon.
2006-11-16 18:58:00 - SMF Akismet Spam Protection now available!
Category: News from old site
A new SMF MOD is now available: SMF Akismet Spam Protection. This implements the Akismet Spam Protection service ( in SMF. Please note that this is still in BETA, so there will be some bugs with it. Please try it out, and tell me what you think!
2006-10-21 15:09:00 - SMFShop 2.3 now available!
Category: News from old site
I'm proud to annouce that a new release of SMFShop (SMFShop 2.3) is now available. You may download it from the SMFShop page on this site.

- Admins can now give credits depending on which membergroup users are in (membergroup functions)
- Minor changes to installer (finally fixed "Incorrect table name ''" error!)
- Money can now be automatically given to people at registration
- General code cleanup
- Heaps more comments in the code (it's a lot easier to understand)
- Item files now have author name, email and website fields
- item_engine.php now has heaps and heaps of comments
- The 'Add Item' page has merged into the 'Edit Items' page
- Delete Items now uses checkboxes for deleting more than 1 item at a time
- When an item is deleted, it is now properly deleted from everyone's inventory
- Changed formatting of template files (they're now a lot easier to understand)
- Every shop page now has a custom title (previously, every page said 'Shop' on it)
- Moved stuff which shouldn't have been in ShopAdmin.template.php into ShopAdmin.php
- Money is now properly treated as float values, rather than int values
- Various updates for XHTML compliance
- Relpaced all 4-space code indentation with tabs instead
- Minor updates to a few items

Problems fixed in this release: - The installer now no longer shows Incorrect table name '' errors
- Linktree on 'Send Items' page fixed (it said 'Send Money')
- Slight problem with item images fixed
- Fixed InstantMessage.english.php errors
2006-10-13 22:32:00 - DanPHPSupport version 1.0 released!
Category: News from old site
Finally, after no updates for so long, the new DanPHPSupport version is now out! This version has heaps of changes, including some sections completely rewritten, and heaps of internal documentation (comments in the code). It is highly recommended that everyone who uses DanPHPSupport upgrade to the newest version

Full changelog:
- Cleaned up most HTML, and made it XHTML 1.0 compliant (Finally got rid of ugly font tags :P)
- Cleaned up unneeded styles from CSS stylesheet
- Improved security of 'page' variable (doesn't allow unknown page names)
- Removed frames from admin panel
- Changed menu in admin panel to new menu system (using DIV for menu)
- Changed layout of main admin page (now shows server version numbers)
- More streamlined admin interface (Insead of having a 'back' link when adding or editing thing, is now goes back automatically)
- Severities listing in admin panel now shows colours
- There is an option to turn the BBCode editor on or off
- Changed admin panel links to use page names, rather than numbers
- TinyMCE rich-text editor now implemented for editing of Knowledgebase articles
- Most textareas now expand to the whole page width
- Canned responses now use the BBCode editor
- Fixed stupid grammar mistake in page_index.php (...You'll need to create signup for an account...)
- Fixed stupid problem in the Knowledgebase index page (made the heading links not work)
- Fixed stripslashes problem on ticket categories, etc.
- Installer now warns if settings-new.php is not writable
- Fixed minor problem on registration page
- Admin panel login - redirect to requested page (like main pages)
- Fixed minor security vulnerability (XSS)

File changes:
- editor.js renamed to BBCodeEditor.js
- pages/admin/page_supportIndex.php - New file
- Old pages/admin/pages.php file deprecated (replaced by new system)
- pages/main/page_ticket_post.php file deprecated - Functionality now moved to page_ticket_view.php file
2006-10-10 12:21:00 - Updates to DanPHPSupport
Category: News from old site
After staying inactive for so long, I'm finally beginning to have free time to update DanPHPSupport. I'm currently doing some major changes, including:
  • Finally cleaned up most of the HTML to make it fully XHTML 1.0 compliant. Looking back at the coding, I realised that my original coding was quite messy, unlike my current coding.
  • Cleaned up some unneeded styles from the CSS file
  • Removed frames from administration panel, and instead implemented the menu in a DIV tab
  • Some slight security upgrades
  • Changed admin pages to use page names, rather than category and page numbers
  • Implemented TinyMCE rich text editor for knowledgebase entries
About the TinyMCE implementation, I'm not sure if it should be on by default. I'll probably make it so there's a seperate package to download for the TinyMCE editor (to keep the file size down).
This new version will be released soon.
2006-08-27 14:21:00 - New Downloads Centre
Category: News from old site
I've just implemented a new downloads centre, based on paFileDB. This will make it easier for me to organise all the downloads on this site. Currently, only SMFShop is available, but I'll add the other products when I have the time to. You may access the downloads centre at

P.S Yes, it's spelt centre, not center :P
2006-08-24 22:10:00 - SMFShop updated to support SMF 1.1 RC3
Category: News from old site
I've just updated the SMFShop archive so it supports SMF 1.1 RC3. So, if you're using SMFShop 1.1 RC3, SMFShop should work with it :)
2006-07-29 20:45:00 - SMFShop 2.2 now out!
Category: News from old site
Well, after a long period of inactivity, SMFShop 2.2 is now out! This release has many changes in it, and I would consider it quite a big release. This release has one of the most requested features - The ability to send an item in your inventory to another member (thanks to Basil Beard - My code is based on his). From a coding perspective, I've split up the Shop.php file in to several seperate files, as I think this will be more efficient (it was getting too big).

Anyways, here's the changes in this version:
  • A minimum can now be set for bank deposits and withdrawls
  • The 'Who's Online' function now says when someone is in the shop
  • A 'Send Money' link is now displayed next to people's posts (right underneath their Post Count)
  • PM's are used instead of emails when you send money, and in the Trade Centre
  • Added 'Who owns this item?' feature to 'Buy stuff' listing (so you can see who owns an item)
  • Ability to send an item to a member (much like the 'Send money to someone' feature)
  • A large portion of the Shop.php file has been split into different files (Shop-Buy.php, Shop-Inventory.php, Shop-Send.php, Shop-Bank.php, Shop-Trade.php). This was done because the Shop.php file was getting too large (in my opinion)
  • And some other minor changes

As usual, please see the SMF Mods page to download this new version :)
2006-07-14 23:18:00 - Latest (development) SMFShop code available via SVN access
Category: News from old site
Hi guys,
Sorry for not updating this site for a while, but I've been extremely busy... Anyways, access to the latest development SMFShop code is now available via SVN access! Please see for details on how to use a SVN client (TortoiseSVN) to access the latest code. As usual, please report all bugs to me :)
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