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SMFShop 3.0 released!

Jan 18, 2007
Category: News from old site

SMFShop 3.0 is now out, and you may download it from the SMFShop page on this site. I was aiming at cleaning up the code for this release, and it now complies with the SMF Coding Guidelines.
- Lots of code cleanup
- Category support: You can now categorise your items
- Permissions: You can disable access to the shop for certain membergroups
- Bonuses per character and word: Give bonuses to a user depending on the number of characters or words in their post
- Bank deposit/withdrawl fees
- Option to not delete item after use: Great for items you'd like members to keep
- When editing an item, you can now edit the item_info (custom info entered when adding the item)

- Several minor formatting changes
- Fixed problem with SMF 1.1's "Find Members" popup
- Bold the current section on the left menu
- In "10 Richest Members" list, have links to their profiles
- When sending an item to someone, show an error if they don't exist
- Allow floating point values for interest
- And several other (minor things)... See the full changelog at