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DanSoft Australia Development Site now up!

Mar 30, 2007
Category: Development site

I'm proud to announce that the DanSoft Australia development site is now up (after a small beta period), at! The site is basically a system, giving each user a powerful yet easy-to-use hosting platform for all their project's data. It is mainly aimed at collaboration between users (a group of users could all work on the one item, for instance), although any developer can benefit from it.

Anyone may sign up, and registering your project gives you access to these main features:
  • Subversion (SVN) access
    Easily manage your project's source code
  • File Release System
    An easy-to-use system to store all your project's releases. Each project may have more than one "package", and each package may have any number of files.
  • News Announcements
    Any news relating to your project may be posted to its homepage. Selected news articles will appear on the and homepages.
  • Website hosting (including PHP)
    Each project gets its own homepage at [project name] For security reasons, you'll need to contact me if you want access to the website hosting. The websites are created after you register, but I have to give you the server access details.
  • Task management (TODO list)
    Keep track of what you need to do
  • Issue/Bug Tracking
    Easily track bugs in your project
  • Documentation Management
    A simple documentation management system, to upload any relevant documentation
  • Mailing lists (may not be operational at the moment)

Probably the most useful feature is Subversion - It's a very easy-to-use SCM (Source Code Management) system, and allows multiple developers to work on the same code simultaneously (although it's also useful for single developers - I use it for the SMFShop code). Speaking of this, note that for anyone using the SVN version of SMFShop, it has moved to Also, the development snapshots and statistics have moved to I hope you enjoy it!