Userbar Generator

Here's some screenshots of the Userbar Generator, showing how it works:

The main Userbar Generator window
This is the Userbar Generator window, on the main tab. This is where you set the basic settings of your userbar (Including the text, text position and colours)


The Userbar generator 'Change Image Settings' window
The Userbar Generator 'Overlay Image' tab. This allows you to change the position of an image that will be placed on your userbar. For example, this screenshot shows me using a scribble that I did in Microsoft Paint :)


Userbar Generator image customised
This is the same 'Change Image Settings' screen as above, but with the settings changed slightly. Notice that I've changed the position, rotation and opacity settings. Using these settings, you can put the image wherever you like!



Userbar Generator additional options
This is the 'Other Settings' tab. This allows you to tweak various options, and change your userbar to look exactly how you want it to.



Userbar Generator Save Image
Once you are done, and wish to save the image, simply press File --> Save Image. This will save the image as a PNG file. You may do anything you want with this image (most people would upload it to somewhere, and include it in their forum signature).