This page is OLD!

Below are some questions that I get asked frequently about DanSoft Australia:

  1. What is the purpose of DanSoft Australia?
    Well, I created DanSoft Australia just for something to do in my free time a couple of years ago. Since then, I have been working really hard on DanSoft Australia and try to make some great quality software, while still making the programs compact, lightweight and portable. Most (if not all) of my programs work well on a Pentium 1 133mHz (which I used to use for development until it broke)
  2. What programs do you use to create your website?
    I use Notepad (no kidding) to create the actual site, ConTEXT (the BEST editing program EVER!) to do the PHP stuff, and Paint Shop Pro 7.04 to create the graphics.
  3. What programming languages do you know / use?
    I know Visual Basic and PHP, and use them both extensively.
  4. Can you help me with a program I am developing?
    Sure, just contact me using the Feedback form, and I'll see what I can do.
  5. How does the translation work?
    It passes the URL that you are on to either Google, Altavista or Systranbox, which do the translation
  6. What script do you use for the Members' area?
    Until I took it down, I used Simple Machines Forum, it's just the best forum software and doesn't put a huge load on your server (like Invision Board or phpBB)
  7. Why are some of the EXE files rather big?
    Well, if you're talking about DanDirectory, it's because it's 3,000+ lines of Visual Basic code, which makes a pretty big executable file. Also, depending on what features you use in Visual Basic, the file size will grow dramastically. Usually, I use UPX to compress the exe files, ie. with DanDirectory I compressed it from ~350kb to 64kb, which demonstrates some impressive compression!
  8. I forgot the question
    That's funny, I forgot the answer as well...
  9. What the hell is a 'phizog'?
    I'm glad you asked. Phizog is slang for 'face', ie. "I'm gonna punch you in the phizog!"
  10. My question isn't here?
    Well, you didn't ask it ;). Please send your questions using the feedback form.