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Note that the stuff on this page is quite old, and I don't really support it any more (I don't use Visual Basic 6 any more; I use Visual Basic 2005 now)

On this page you will find various Visual Basic scripts that you might be interested in. To download or comment on the code, just click on it.

» Create Standard DLLs in Visual Basic v2
This code will allow you to make your very own stdcall DLL files using Visual Basic. The DLLs that you create can be called from any programming language that supports stdcall DLLs. Just create or open a project with the functions that you want to export, choose the functions to export and click compile! Create your own DLLs that you can call from any programming language that supports stdcall dlls. Create your own API, share code between your programs, create a control panel applet, create an ISAPI application, the possibilities are endless!

» Get name of KeyCode
Get the name of a KeyCode

» Server Proxy - See what data is transferred between server and client
This program allows you to watch the traffic between a client and server, effectively becoming a proxy. This allows you to basically see how the protocol for the connection works. Example: type in '' for the server, and port 80 for passthrough and listening port. Then, go to http://localhost/ in your web browser. You will see the google homepage, and all traffic between and your computer will be logged in the proxy window! This can effectively be used to hack a protocol, ie. if you want to know about other protocols. You can actually use this code to find out about the MSN protocal, if you add the line ' '' into the 'c:\windows\hosts' file. In the proxy program, set it for port 1863 and server ''. You will now see all traffic that goes through MSN!!!!

» Example of using CodeSense control in VB
CodeSense is a control that allows you to have syntax highlighing, autocomplete and function tooltips in an edit control. Unfortunately, it doesn't include a proper VB example. This example shows you how to properly use the CodeSense control in Visual Basic, providing AutoComplete, function tooltips and syntax highlighting. If you go to then you can see some screenshots of stuff you can do with the control (the last 2 screenshots aren't included). NOTE: you will need to download the CodeSense control (version 2.22) from and register it for this code to work.

That's all for now, more coming soon!